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"A rugged yet lightweight texturing tool designed to produce a groove finish to prevent planing and provide non-skid traction as DOT specified for use on highway and bridge surfaces - inclined ramps and drives, airport runways, livestock facilities, etc."

The original flat wire tine texture comb featuring snap-out, snap-in replaceable tines. . . broken or damaged tines replace effortlessly in seconds without tools or disassembly.

We specialize in short lead times and quick delivery for combs of special lengths and random tine spacings.  Continuous lengths of up to 12' available.  Use pre-fitted splice bars (below) to combine 2 or more combs to any practical length.

Tines are of .028" x .125" x 5" exposed length blue tempered spring steel.  Comb head is 6063-T6 aluminum . . . lightweight yet sturdy.  All comb heads listed below are pre-drilled for Handle Adapter Bracket and for compatibility with Broom/Float Adapter Bar and RopeRunnerô rope-pull accessory.

Made in the USA since 1982.

The following lengths and tine spacings are in stock and ready for immediate shipment:

36" Texture Comb 1/2" ctc . . . #36TC500
48" Texture Comb 1/2" ctc . . . #48TC500
60" Texture Comb 1/2" ctc . . . #60TC500
72" Texture Comb 1/2" ctc . . . #72TC500
36" Texture Comb 5/8" ctc . . . #36TC625
48" Texture Comb 5/8" ctc . . . #48TC625
60" Texture Comb 5/8" ctc . . . #60TC625
72" Texture Comb 5/8" ctc . . . #72TC625
36" Texture Comb 3/4" ctc . . . #36TC750
48" Texture Comb 3/4" ctc . . . #48TC750
60" Texture Comb 3/4" ctc . . . #60TC750
72" Texture Comb 3/4" ctc . . . #72TC750
36" Texture Comb 1" ctc . . .  #36TC1000
48" Texture Comb 1" ctc . . .  #48TC1000
60" Texture Comb 1" ctc . . .  #60TC1000
72" Texture Comb 1" ctc . . .  #72TC1000

All tine spacing dimensions described are measured Center to Center (ctc.)  To convert Clear Space specification to ctc equivalent, add 1/8".

All combs packaged 1 per carton.  For comb complete with Handle Adapter Bracket, add -3 to item number.


textcomb.jpg (51293 bytes)               

                                                                                                    .028" x .125" x 5" Replacement Tine . . .  #TINE




Use splice bars to join together (end-to-end) 2 or more texture combs to achieve any practical length.  Splice Bars are pre-fitted at the factory to allow easy bolt-together assembly.  Tine spacing remains constant at juncture.   24" Bars extend 12" from either side of juncture.


Combine several combs together end-to-end to any desired length to longitudinally (parallel to traffic flow) tine a highway slab in one pass.  Use a multiple configuration of RopeRunnerô Rope Pull accessories to support a long comb and control the tining angle (See RopeRunnerô link)

Break down a 9' or longer comb into shorter segments to allow shipment via UPS. (UPS length limit:  108")

Disassemble extended comb into segments for easy transport from job to job.

texturecombsplicebar.jpg (22343 bytes)

tcsplicequarterviewapart.jpg (338106 bytes) tcsplicebartogetherfrontquarterview.jpg (573146 bytes)



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